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Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. has built a standard laboratory to carry out the routain tests to measure and verify the reliability and stability of the high precision resistors and high voltage resistors made by Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd.

The laboratory equiped with Humidity Chambers, High and low temperature test chambers, Intermittent overload testers, Surge pulse tester, Ultra-high voltage suppler up to 12,000V and 30,000V, Short Time Over Load tester, Life endurance test chambers, high temperature loading test chambers, Ultra-high resistance tester, computer systems to test the tolerance of the resistors with comparing methods to get the real resistance instead of just the reading of the instruments, etc.

AEC-Q200 approval tests are also the main tests applied to the resistors made for vehicle manufacturers all over the world.    

Failure analyse is the also the one of main work of the laboratory to find the root reason for the failure so as to makes corrective and preventive measures


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