• 1.What is Power Resistor?

    Power resistors are designed to withstand and dissipate large amounts of power. In general they have a power rating of at least 5 Watt. ... An example use for power resistors are load banks used to dissipate power generated during engine braking in vehicles using electrical motors, such as locomotives or trams.

  • 2.When did Thunder Precision Resistor found?

    Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. was found in 1993 and is a 28 years experienced professional manufacturer of high precision resistors, high precision resistor networks, high precision MELF resistors and lot of special resistors in China.

  • 3.Can our resistosr used for Automobile industry?

    Our company has been issued the Automotive Quality Manage System IATF16949:2016 certificate by British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2019

  • 4.Who are our customers?

    Our high precision resistor are mainly used in precision Instruments, such as weighing scales, new energy vehile, aerospace materials and high-speed rail transit,

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