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  • Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. applied RoHS and Reach Test to guarantee all materials used in the products as well as the packing materials meet the Restriction of Hazardous Substances and REACH/SVHC requests. Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. requested all the material suppliers to provide RoHS and REACH/SVHC test reports annually and applied the RoHS and REACH/SVHC tests our selves occasionally to make sure all materials are under control even the packing materials. Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. makes high precision resistors and special resistors, such as high power precision wire wound resistors up to 150W with temperature coefficient low than 15ppm, high resistance resistors up to 10G Ohm with temperature coefficient of resistance lower than 25ppm/℃, ultra-precision resistors with tolerance up to 0.005% and temperature coefficient lowen than 1ppm/℃, high resistance wire wound resistors with resistance up to 100k Ohm, etc.

  • ​晶圆电阻(melf resistors) 焊接效果目视检查项目与合格判据表 Visual inspection items and qualification criteria of welding effects for melf resistors extracted from IPC-A-610G by Thunder Precision resistor Co., Ltd.

  • Hackers intercepted Thunder Precision Resistor's users' emails and sent them to us after modifying the email website suffix. All the information we replied to these email was rejected but we didn't received the failure info. Hackers intercepted our replied email and then tampered with the bank information, sent these fake info to our users, resulting in the failure of users' payment for several times. Please pay attention to the mail address you replied to check it is the normal one or different from the normal one. Thunder Precision Resistors will pay attention to those email contain certain importance info such ad bank payment info and the contract info, etc.

  • 分级说明:本文件规定的要求反映了如下三个产品级别:晶圆电阻使用厂家可以根据自己产品的定位选择合格判据的级别 1级:是使用在普通类电子产品中的仪器仪表生产过程中的检验要求; 2级:是使用在有可靠性要求的仪器仪表产品、设备的生产制造过程中的检验要求; 3级:是使用在有较高可靠性要求的仪器仪表产品、设备的生产制造过程中的检验要求

  • Ceramic composition resistors are 100% non-inductance and chemically inert so they have high reliability to provide a solution for wide range of applications, such as high-voltage and high energy surges, circuit breakers, spark plugs, distributor points, or coil leads to limit spurious high frequency signals from being emitted or carried on transmission lines.

  • MELF type ceramic resistors HPCM series are high pulse load resistors that are the good choice of ignition resistors of motorcycle and automobile starting system.

  • minimum side solder width of melf resistors after reflow soldering in larger than 50% of the diameter of the resistors or larger than 50% of the width of the solder pad. the wider the solder width the better the solder strongth. The high the tin filtration the better the solder strength will be. the most important of the the requirement of getting wide solder width at the side of melf resistors is the sufficient amount of tin paste on the solder pads. there are information in our file provided the detailed date of the dimension of the pads and the thickness of the tin mesh for customers reference. the most important of the the requirement of getting wide solder width at the end of melf resistors is the sufficient amount of tin paste on the solder pads.

  • UPRNS84EB3L9T4002 is the ultra-precision resistor networks contain 4 resistors parallel inside with 8 pins outside. UPRNS84EB3L9T4002 is the perfect replacement of CADDOCK's T914A10k-010-02 with absolute tolerance 0.1% and temperature coefficient 25ppm and ratio tolerance 0.01% and ratio temperature coefficient less than 2ppm.

  • HIGH STABILITY PRECISION WIREWOUND RESISTORS TRAPEZIUM ALUMINA HOUSED WIRE WOUND RESISTORS FEATURES Advanced alloy technology · Very low TCR: lower than ±10ppm/℃. · Tolerance up to ±0.5% · Excellent overall stability: Class 0.5 · Suitable for the atrocious environment: such as high attitude area and extreme cold area. · Very low noise and voltage coefficient · Non-inductance winding available under request · Perfect pulse loading capability · Compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU · Compliant to REACH (EC No. 1907/2006)) (last updated: 27/06/2018)

  • The tested product has a pulse energy resistance of 270J/cm³ (Effective size) and total 30kJ single pulse withstand energy. The resistors the product shows perfect non-inductive performance of nH level in the ultra-high frequency circumstances. The extremely high pulse withstand voltage of the module is up to 24,000V in oil and surge pulse withstand voltage is up to 170kV. The modules is compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU and REACH (EC No. 1907/2006)) (last updated: 27/06/2018).

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