Ceramic composition resistors are 100% non-inductance and chemically inert so they have high reliability to provide a solution for wide range of applications, such as high-voltage and high energy surges, circuit breakers, spark plugs, distributor points, or coil leads to limit spurious high frequency signals from being emitted or carried on transmission lines.

HPC series ceramic resistors and HPCM series MELF type ceramic resistors made by Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. are the best replacment of PCF and CPCN series resistors. 


· Advanced high voltage pulse ceramic technology

· Suitable for noise suppression of engine ignition system

· Reliable in pulse/transient applications

· TCR:  <100R  -600ppm/~-1500ppm/; 

≥100R  -600ppm/~-1900ppm/

≥100k  -600ppm/~-2200ppm/

· Excellent overall stability: Class 5.0

· Very low noise and voltage coefficient

· Flame proof



·  Power supply with high reliability

·  High voltage circuits of electron microscope and X-ray equipment

· Compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU

· Compliant to REACH (EC No. 1907/2006)) (last updated: 27/06/2018) · 

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