Wirewound resistor


Wirewound resistors are the oldest type of resistors that are still manufactured today. They can be produced very accurately and have excellent properties for low resistance values and high power ratings.

The wire wound resistor is used in a variety of applications and in particular as a power resistor where larger amounts of power need to be dissipated.

As the name indicates, the wire wound resistor consists of a resistive wire that is wound around a former of nonconductive material. Normally the resistive wire is insulated, so that adjacent wires do not short together.

Wire wound resistors were one of the first types of resistor to be manufactured in the earliest days of electrical science and then wireless. They were superseeded in many applications by carbon resistors and then metal oxide and metal film resistors. However, today, wire would resistors are still used as the resistor of choice in many application

Thuder precision resistor has more than 30 years of manufactoring wirewound resistors.

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