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  • Precision Resistor Networks

    Precision Resistor Networks

    Thunder Precision Resistor Co,. Ltd. has been making UPRNS series mold type ultra high stable resistor networks for more than 28 years. UPRNS series ultra-precision resistors can be made according to the customer design, can be made according to each special design and request,. UPRNS series ultra-precision resistors are of very high performance cost ratio products. UPRNS series ultra-precision resistors are made of high alumina content ceramic rods and sputtered in our own unique special production line from 1993. These resistors are all high stability products to meet the highly developed requirement of instruments industry and all meters and devices. All precision resistors made by Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. are routine tested every year according to IEC60115-1 and the test reports are available upon request. The lowest temperature coefficient of the UPRNS series ultra-precision resistors is ±1ppm/℃, and ultra-tight tolerance is ±0.01%. UPRNS series ultra-precision resistors are really the perfect choices to the manufacturers of automotive and telecom, medical instruments, weighing scale manufacturers as well as the high accuracy test instrument manufacturers all over the world.

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