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  • Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. had made the wetting balance tests to prove the perfect solder-ability of the precision melf resistors made by thunder precision resistors. The test was made by SGS and the result of the test declared the high quality of the precision melf resistors made by thunder precision resistors.

  • Fusible wire wound resistors FEATURES · Advanced alloy wire technology · Fusible less than 60 seconds when against 25 times power abnormal applied or according to customer’s request · Reliable in pulse / transient / abnormal surge applications · Non-inductance winding available upon request · Flame retardant coating

  • 2306-2022

    Wirewound resistor

  • FEATURES · Advanced Isabellenhütte alloy technology · Very low TCR: lower than ±10ppm/℃. · Tolerance up to ±0.1% · Excellent overall stability: Class 1 · Very low noise and voltage coefficient · Non-inductance winding available under request · Perfect pulse loading capability: over 25 times rated power loading · Extremely high dielectric strength: stand over 3000VDC insulation voltage Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd has been making precision wire wound resistors with tiny size housed in aluminium shell.

  • Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. had disclosed an invention of an ultra-high frequency RF resistor and a production method thereof. The new invention patent had be approved and issued. The diamond substrate is used as the substrate material, the composite heat dissipation substrate is used to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and the special packaging material is used to further improve the heat dissipation performance of the RF resistor. ​The production method uses liquid nitrogen cooling to control the temperature rise of laser resistance adjustment, laser seamless welding and laser cutting, so as to prevent the resistance value variation of the resistance layer of the RF resistor during the production process.

  • RN series high stable metal film resistors with stability established Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. makes RN series resistors that meet requirements of MIL-R-55182 with established reliability. The hard Bakelite mold construction provides superior moisture protection RN series high stability resistors are made of 96% alumina ceramic cores sputtering with high grade professional metal film trimmed with the professional laser machines to achieve uniform helix grooves without hurt the ceramic cores. The production procedure is introduced from Europe in 1989. All materials of to make RN series high stability resistors have been keep the same as they are introduced to guaranty the high quality and high stability as well.

  • Thunder-precision-resistor-get-another-specialized-and-special-new-enterprise-certificate issued by Province Government on 2022.02.24. Thunder Precision Resistors is a professional manufacturer of high precision resistors for more than 29 years. Thunder Precision Resistors has issued two new invention patents about new procedure of making special RF resistors and five utility model patents related to mechanics and technology.

  • Thunder Precision Resistors has more than 29 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing qualified high precision resistors. All productions are strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established in production procedure for reproducibility which was introduced from Europe. The quality of the products is always the first priority of Thunder Precision Resistors that is also our company quality policy. BSI issued ISO9000 Quality Management Certificate to Thunder Precision Resistors in 1998 and upgraded it in June 2016 to ISO9001:2015.

  • MELF (metal electrode lead-free surface) resistors can be soldered by reflow and wave soldering. The welding effect and strength shall meet the corresponding requirements of this standard extracted from ipc-a-610f and the experience summary of actual test results

  • IPC-A-610 melf resistors welding effects requirements is extracted from IPC-A-610 for melf resistors made by Thunder Precision Resistors

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